• Bizzlon Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem

Technology teams in the organization look at the cloud as an opportunity to move from capex to opex, reduce data center footprint, bolster agility, modernize legacy applications and deliver engaging new experiences for their customers. Business teams need to see the whole picture to drive investments that maximize value for the enterprise. This is where Bizzlon Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem plays a pivotal role.

Bizzlon is the best partner for enterprises to achieve an integrated and unified view of the enterprise cloud ecosystem. With Bizzlon Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem, we partner with companies to advise them on their cloud transformation strategy across infrastructure, data, applications and more, and then build and co-evolve their enterprise cloud. We bring together the capabilities needed to drive both business and IT priorities – across the foundational layers optimized for cloud efficiencies, right up to the portfolio of applications as services.

  • Cloud Advisory Services:

Our cloud advisory services adopt a comprehensive approach to ensure alignment of business and IT goals with clearly defined key performance indicators (KPIs), and offer guidance on the optimal approach to move to the target state. Our services include:

  • Cloud adoption and transformation strategy
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) and program funding
  • Reference architecture and technology standards
  • Organization change management
  • Cloud Build Services:

Bizzlon helps enterprises on their journey to the cloud by laying a solid foundation that brings together all the required elements covering server hardware, network connectivity, storage, virtualization and more. We help build a cloud environment that minimizes the IT footprint, optimizes costs and performance while ensuring effective management and governance.

  • Cloud Migration Services:

Bizzlon cloud migration services help migrate business-critical workloads to the cloud by assessing their current state, migrating their assets and building an entire ecosystem leveraging public cloud. Bizzlon leverages a proven and pragmatic migration solution that leverages the right combination of tools, processes and rich experience in delivering large IT and cloud transformation programs to ensure reliable, predicable, faster and lower cost of migration.

  • Cloud Integration Services:

Bizzlon cloud integration services help maximize returns on cloud investments by helping assess and enable seamless and rapid integration between cloud apps and enterprise systems, with secure real-time data synchronization to public cloud applications. The services are offered as an Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) model with numerous pricing options that perfectly suit various client needs.

  • Managed Cloud Services:

Bizzlon managed cloud services ensure the smooth running of operations and availability of business workloads on the cloud. Bizzlon delivers end-to-end enterprise services that cover monitoring, backups, provisioning, brokerage for multi-cloud environments, security and more. Our services ensure improved productivity at lower TCO.

  • Cloud Deployment Services:

Our cloud native deployment services allow enterprises to quickly build cloud-native applications and deliver microservices for consumers, resulting in improved experiences. Bizzlon adopts the agile and DevOps philosophy during the development life cycle to help businesses roll out applications quickly and stay nimble.

  • Cloud Security Services:

Bizzlon cloud security services helps customers define a comprehensive strategy when it comes to cloud security and helps them proactively take steps to tackle the growing security threat landscape. Our services include:

  • Cloud assurance services
  • GRC services (Governance, Risk and Compliance)
  • Data security services
  • API security services